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A story to save my life


"Where the angels fall", in the original language "Tam, gdzie spadają anioły" is one of the books of Dorota Terakowska, published in 1998.

source: http://www.subiektywnieoksiazkach.pl/2012/01/dorota-terakowska-poczwarka.html

The writer tells a story od a five-year-old girl named Eva who, lost her guardian angel, Ave, is trying to find him. As it turned out, he has fallen to earth, during a battle with his evil twin brother, a black angel, Vea. When the guardian angel, loses his powers, Eva loses his divine protection and gets an incurable form of leukemia.

source: https://paulinkalinka.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/tam-gdzie-spadaja-anioly-dorota-terakowska/

One day, Maria, Eva's grandmother, finds one of the Ave's feathers, lost during the battle with Vea. Fallen angel, wants to help the little girl, so he tells her a divine secret - what should she do to make him powerful again. Following his advice, Eva is trying to accomplish three difficult tasks to save her guardian angel and, as a result, to save herself...

If you want to find out if she's going to make it, follow the link to the free pdf version of the book: http://pl.static.z-dn.net/files/d66/f38687d6b4e7b65e8305554cb871e0d8.pdf

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